Saturday, December 12, 2009

I believe I ordered the LARGE cappuccino

Today was a quarterly event - we went to Costco. In theory, I hate everything these warehouse stores stand for - I mean, who needs 144 of anything at once? Or even 12, really. I hardly have room to store a few extra rolls of toilet paper, let alone 48. This is essentially why my garage is a huge storage pit while we park our two cars in the driveway and scrape off the frost and/or snow every morning (or burn in the summertime). If I had a basement for storage, I wouldn't complain. But then, I like to complain anyway.

Going to Costco on a Saturday afternoon would be about 2,467th on my list of things I'd enjoy doing - it's like Black Friday. Shopping on the day after Thanksgiving encompasses everything I hate about shopping... times 5,000. Yet, here we were - the Husba3000(TM), Boy2 and me... filling a double-wide cart full of diapers, wipes and whole load o'dairy products. I was able to keep everyone (somewhat) in line with a shopping list, but I think invariably everyone ends up with more than they expected at Costco. Like the enormous roll of wrapping paper (justified for the dozen or so gifts I'll need to wrap). Or the 5lb. jar of "fancy" mixed nuts (not so justified - I was hungry). Maybe I'll make some brittle or toffee for gifts this year.

I hate this place.

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