Friday, December 11, 2009

A Milwaukee Fish Fry

I am so excited. Not only is it Friday (and a paycheck week-thankyouverymuch), but it is a balmy 6 degrees outside right now (not including wind chill)... and for us, that means a Fish Fry tonight. You may ask yourself "what's a fish fry"? And 5 years ago, I would have asked that very same question... it's big here. Really big. It happens all year 'round, but my personal opinion is that most people go when it's cold and dark - and during Lent. Nevertheless, we have a few favorite places around town but tonight it's Benno's in West Allis. Standard fare for most fish fries is battered cod or a battered/breaded lake perch or walleye pike - always served with potato pancakes or fries, applesauce & a slice of marble rye. I love Benno's because they serve a mean blackened salmon - that doesn't always make it to the "Specials" blackboard. So I'm crossing my fingers. They also offer a baked potato that's clearly on the Husba3000's (TM) radar.

Plus, Benno's has a serious beer lineup - both on tap & bottles. I like that they carry Scrimshaw Pilsner from North Coast in bottles... not sure if I'll be in a light or dark mood. I could really go for an Alaskan Amber or Bridgeport IPA these days. Too bad we can't get them around here. Wah. Double Wah.

Updates later!


  1. Oh, how I miss those fish fries!! I do get Alaskan Amber and Bridgeport IPA though!!

  2. I miss my west coast beers the most. It's a shame we can't get them out here. But then, I get to enjoy a fine Milwaukee Brewing Co. beer like Louie's Demise! [that was for the Husba3000(TM)]