Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!

What do you get for someone who's turning 90? Yes, NINETY.
Answer = nothing.

And so Boy2, the Husba3000(TM) and I are getting on a plane tomorrow to fly back to NY for my Grandma's birthday. I think that's a pretty awesome present. I can't wait to see her - she just got out of the hospital yesterday where she was being treated for pneumonia, so we're pretty happy that she's doing better.

It's also my nephew's 5th birthday (wow!) and they're having a bowling party where my friends and I used to be in a league as a kid... how much fun is that? Of course, the Husba and I will be decked out in our finest bowling duds - we *do* live in Milwaukee, you know. I'm lucky enough to have acquired one of my Grandpa's bowling shirts - purely by accident - when I asked for their 1950s aluminum Christmas tree as a teenager. Sure enough, there was an old bowling shirt stuffed inside the box (go figure, right?) and when I asked if I could keep it... my Grandfather couldn't "...understand why on earth I'd want something like that...".

...'Cuz it's cool, gramps. 'Cuz it's cool.

To this day, it's one of my favorite shirts - I even ran into someone who recognized his name and the Fire Department maltese cross on the shirt when I was on a "corporate team building trip" in California. Funny. (talking to the person... not the team building exercise.)

Should be a good trip. I am, however, printing out the new DOT airline "tarmac delay" rules that went into effect today.

Just in case. :-)

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