Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bento attempt #1... it's lunchtime!

Today, Boy2 started K-4 at a brand new school. He was soooo excited! So was I, since I decided that the city-wide lunch program was pretty gross and I declared I would make a lunch for him every day. Not just a lunch... a bento lunch. That's right, I don't have enough to do with a full-time job and running around, but I also swore I'd make fun lunches for my kid. Idiot.

I'll say this - the school sent out a lunch calendar with a series of photos proclaiming "same great lunch... different packaging!". With a mystery-fried-meat-patty, powdered mashed potatoes, congealed gravy and some sort of canned or frozen grey vegetable. Oh, and an apple. Honestly, Boy2 would probably just eat the apple. He's the only kid I know who doesn't like potatoes. Fries? Sure... mashed, roasted, baked, au gratin, etc.? Nope. So here I am, committed to making a nutritious and fun-looking lunch every. single. day.

Last night at 10pm, I hastily threw together said lunch (yes, I've known about the first day of school for a LONG TIME)... I'm busy. :) And I forgot to take a photo. So for day 2 I'll try to document my "bento-like" attempts at lunch. Keep in mind, I'm not trying to send a vegetable still life work of art. Just lunch. That he'll actually eat.

Today's offerings:

water bottle, half frozen
milk money ($0.35)
container 1: ham pinwheels (tortilla, ham & enough cream cheese to hold it together/rolled up and cut like sushi)
container 2: cherry tomatoes & cheese flowers (our garden tomatoes w/marble jack cheese cut into flower shapes and skewered)
container 3: bing cherries, raisins, an apricot and a small cup of graham bunnies w/2 Hersheys drops. (cookies & cream)
2 ice packs

Not a bad first attempt - I wish I took a picture.

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